Find Out Google My Business's New Updates

To secure a spot in the coveted Google 3-Pack, local businesses must provide the right local signals to Google so their brand shows up when nearby customers search.

Improve Your Rank in the
Google 3-Pack with Your GMB Guy

Your GMB Guy’s platform is designed from the ground up to help multi-location brands fully optimize their local digital presence and show up in the Google 3-Pack. As a result, no one delivers better local search results on Google than us!

8 New & Updated Google My Business Features for Local SEO

There’ always something new going on with Google. This is why you need someone to keep up with the trends for you! Your GMB Guy does just that. We are experts in the field with over 10 years of experience, making it an ideal choice. 

You can move forward without knowing what’s coming. Here are the latest 8 new features.

  1. Health & Safety Attributes
  2. Pandemic Related Attributes for Restaurants
  3. Attributes for Online Services
  4. Call Logging
  5. Additional GMB Insights Data
  6. Messaging
  7. Black-Owned Business
  8. Video Upload Sizes

Google My Business could very well be more important than your website when it comes to promoting your local business online.

That’s why you need to optimize your profile for search.

You should also keep up with the latest changes to GMB and think about how you can use them to better promote your brand online.

Key Features to COMPLETELY Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

GMB is a necessity for local business owners, so besides the normal listing items that go inside your GMB such as:

  • Business address
  • Business hours
  • Category
  • Reviews

You have an opportunity to add a lot more to make a bigger splash in your local area with competition. 

First of all, Google My Bussiness is FREE. But most owners don’t know how far to go, or even have the time to worry about such things. 

There is way more to Google My Business than you think!

Here’s How To Start Your Google My Business Listing

The first step to getting your Google My Business listing up and running is to actually conduct a Google search to ensure your business doesn’t already have one. If not, then make one!

Verify Your Google My Business Listing

You need to verify your Google My Business listing. This is done via Postcard by mail, which takes up to five business days.

It proves to Google you can manage and do, in fact, represent the business you claim. Verifying your business is crucial for the visibility and performance of the listing. Without verification, you cannot access page insights/analytical information or business reviews from the back end.

Publish Your Google My Business Listing

Use all resources offered by Google My Business within its listing details to get the most out of your business locations.

  1. Make sure everything is complete. If there is an area to add something – try to do this.
  2. Make sure it’s update always – key!
  3. Add as many photos as you can periodically
  4. Add videos whenever you can
  5. Add posts. Now this one is huge and will help you to gain more business!
  6. Reply to messages
  7. Reply to reviews
  8. Reply to calls
  9. Add products if possible to your GMB
  10. Update your COVID protocols
  11. Use special protocols