Mobile Organic Search

I know most people do not realize it, but Google controls all search.  Paid, organic, images, videos, and no click. Google’s terrorist and mass SERPS killer is the GMB. It is the #1 killer of website search, website visits, SERPS and visitor interaction. So now pay Google to have your website found because the GMB and its three packs + featured Knowledge panel results are killing your Organic website SERPS. It’s a black hole a cosmic vortex that creates massive profits for Google.

Quick Stats for Mobile Organic Searches:

2017 was the first year where the majority of searches came through a mobile device.

83% of US shoppers search online before going into a store.

Mobile devices account for 56% of organic search engine visits.

72.6% of internet users are expected to access the web solely via smartphone by 2025.

53% of shoppers would search for deals on their mobile devices before speaking with an employee.

The average web page takes 87.84% longer to load on mobile than desktop.

45% of consumers abandon any piece of content displaying poorly on the device they are using.