What Are Google’s Ranking Factors?

A couple of trending points below:

1. The combination of an optimized GMB high ranking ( GBP) embedded in a hyper-optimized short landing page site or sniper sitelet are lethal in driving new and increasing targeted search traffic to your business.

2. An optimally maintained and updated GMB lands you in the top of the local pack & finder and if properly installed and optimized on the landing/sitelet on these listings it will propel your landing page/sitelet to the top of organic rankings. It’s a deadly search result killer by acquiring the top results in the Trinity-  Local Pack / Local Finder / Local Organic SERPS.

3. Install as many applicable additional categories in your GMB as you can. If you catalog a movie on the internet and only list the title how do you find it in a search? You list the cast, the plot, the director, the genre, the date of release etc. List as many categories as applicable as to widen the search parameters not to narrow them.

4. Again, the GMB is gaining more and more prominence in its dominance in rankings especially with the mega shift in mobile searches & proximity results.

What Are Google’s Ranking Factors?

The 2021 survey had 132 potential factors that local search experts think Google might use to rank businesses in the local pack/finder/maps and local organic results. We don’t have any special access to the internal workings of Google’s local search algorithm. These factors are based on over a decade of analysis, experience, research, and local experts testing their various hypotheses when it comes to the specific signals Google is using to evaluate and rank businesses. That said, the factors at the top of the lists certainly appear to have the most significant impact on rankings, based on the observations of the local search experts that are optimizing businesses to rank in local results.

Which individual factors do you think have the biggest impact on conversions from GMB?

Here are the top 20 GMB conversion factors, as ranked by the local search experts: