Search Engine Alternatives – Are They Better?

Learn how search engines work. Want to optimize your site the right way and set yourself up for success? Then it’s critical to know how search engines operate today.

Google has transcended from being just another search engine and has become ubiquitous, often used as a transitive verb. Because I’m sure you’ve heard it before – “Google it!”

With its ever-evolving algorithms, a dominant online advertising platform, and personalized user experience, Google has amassed a global market share of 87%.

The common perception is that no one serves up better search results than Google. but is that always the case? Google’s easy-to-use interface and personalized user experience comes at a cost. It’s no secret the search engine giant catalogs the browsing habits of its users and shares that information with advertisers and other interested parties.

If you are unwilling to trade privacy for convenience or have specific search needs, there are a number of Google alternatives that offer a better search experience.

Here are 15 options you should look into:

  1. BING
  2. Yandex
  3. CC Search
  4. Slideshare
  5. Duck Duck Go
  6. Start Page
  7. Search Encript
  8.  Gibiru
  9. OneSearch
  10. Wiki
  11. Board Reader
  12. Give Water
  13. Ekoru
  14. Ecosia
  15. Twitter

Now that you’ve read the others, is it worth it in the end? Google will still trump the competition. So no matter what search engine you use, you at lest must use Google as well.